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  1. Why penguins?
    Brian's interest in penguins started in an early age when he read Carlotta and the Scientist by Patricia Riley Lenthall. In this book a curious penguin comes to the aid of a strange wingless animal wounded in the Antarctic and receives help in return.
  2. So, is the penguin related to Linux?
    No, but we have experience in desktop and embedded Linux. More on Linux and its connections to penguins is here.
  3. Why OrCAD? Isn't that a lousy package?
    There are better packages. However, it is a popular and low-cost package. If you use OrCAD we are in a great position to help you.
  4. What book do you recommend on [topic]?
    See the books link.
  5. What is Penguin Telecom's Dun & Bradstreet number?
    D-U-N-S: 047739094
  6. I have another question?

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