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Contact Information Brian D. Carlton,
Brian is no longer available but I may know other contractor/consultants who can help you.
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Prior Experience of Brian D. Carlton
Megisto Systems, a 3G wireless data/UMTS OEM startup, now an ITHL company
* Designed in Verilog, simulated, synthesized and tested new features for Altera FPGAs.
Features included Mobile IP, NAT, content-based charging and access restriction.
Determined performance parameters of system design using Perl-driven SmartBits test equipment.
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Seneca Networks, a metro core optical OEM startup.
* Lead hardware engineer for an optical communication system network controller card.
Headed team of 5 engineers; took design from concept to PCB to production.
* Lead hardware engineer for a packet/cell aggregation card; headed team of 7 engineers.
Architected implementation of Packet Over SONET and Gigabit Ethernet card.
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Penguin Telecom, Inc., my engineering design services firm.
Clients include ViaSat, COMSAT Labs, Timeplex Group and Simulation Labs.
* Lead hardware engineer for an ATM over satellite card; led team of 5 engineers.
Analyzed throughput; tailored architecture to fit requirements.
Determined types of CPUs and FPGAs to minimize cost, risk and meet customer needs.
Designed, simulated, synthesized and debugged data compression circuitry.
* Lead hardware engineer for a TCP/IP over satellite card with compression.
Determined changes required to existing card, upgraded to next-generation CPU.
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Telogy Networks, now a Texas Instruments company.
* Lead engineer for an ATM/Frame Relay card; led 6 hardware and software engineers.
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