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Penguin Telecom, Inc. is no longer active. This page is maintained for historical interest only.
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Capabilities: Penguin Telecom, Inc. is an Engineering Design Services company with expertise in design:

  • Wireless communications equipment, including JTRS Software-Defined Radio and satellite
  • Networking hardware
  • Microprocessor- and DSP-based systems
  • Size, Weight and Power-Cost (SWaP-C) constrained design
I have extensive experience taking box, board, and FPGA/ASIC hardware designs from concept to production with first-build success, including schedule-critical low-level embedded software design and integration. More on our capabilities.

Schematics: I have expert-level experience with getting symbols built and with schematic capture. Unlike traditional methods, our method avoids manual entry when possible and provides checks when not. More details are here.

Debugging: Read more about my experience and some handy tips here.

Process improvement: Penguin Telecom's Digital Process Improvement Guru, Brian Carlton streamlines and improves digital design processes. He excels in detection of inefficiencies and prevention of errors. Whether the design is routine or challenging, every step in the design process should be accurate, automatic (where possible) and efficient. Specific examples are here.

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